"Today is 12.12.12 and t - 9 days til 12.21"…thoughts in the plane.

Dec. 12, 2012.

And it’s that time of the year again for “Happy Holidays” Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Zipity Doodah, Hip-hip Hooray…spend, spend, spend bah humbug. 
The year has totally almost passed by. Been more than interesting for me. And to look at the world around I feel it is crazier and more arrested than ever. Maybe I’m just over the forced material idealism.
Beyond that, I had a thought…maybe we could probably greet this time and exclaim (or quietly say to oursleves)
Change it up for once, out with the Old and in with the New.  As above, so below. Dust off those goold ol’ Hermetic Laws. Refresh the memory of past lives lived, reawaken the dormant hero within.

No matter what creed or culture we are all going through this momentous time in all time. Time is a’ changing…big time!
That is after all, chronologically-speaking where we are. In the scale of time according to the ancients and their modern day wisdom keepers as well as the archaeological evidence …this time has been intelligibly
and consciously reported, researched and discovered out there. More on that later.

How will it play out?….

The End of the World - Sure maybe. Figuratively speaking - YES PLEASE! But scientifically-speaking, I don’t think so, that’s just my personal opinion. The Mayan Calendar December 21st date was simply translated from one time-piece and that time piece  kept on going…onto another round slab of rock taht some may have found recently.


Or will it be ….

A Shift of the Ages - The great Paradigm Shif, a Global Awakening. Most likely yes but the shift will be more subtle in our lifetime, I reckon. But in the scale of the preceding generations from this time the change will be significantly observed…  For many it will be felt and sensed mind, body and soul.

So, “Here we gooooooo!!”
(a’la Peter Pan flying from Wendy’s window pane into the stardust night)

NINE days & counting til the 21st of this month!
I’m almost panicky realizing this right now. Woah. I remember imaginig this time at the beginning of the year and thinking of what I’ll be doing. blogging is somewhat to be expected, sure. But I definitely would rather be gettin my campsite set up at Palenque, Tikal, Copan…Just about any one of those sacred sites 180 degrees from where I am now. Maya-land the epicentre of all this hubbub. Alas, I wont be physically but I will in mind and spirit.


All that being said, I am still very excited. But very anxious and nervous as well as a little disbelief.
I am not a doomsdayer or a crazy prepper or anything like that.
However, I am in the know. I mean, I watched the X-files all thru my teens plus have an unofficial audiovisual diploma end-of-days and ancient lore from documentaries, movies on the paranormal, mystic places, quantum theory to give you a cross-section. That tempered with academic training in archaeology and history…so I’ve come to know history and the astounding number of consistent mysteries of Humanity and our planet…not to mention the bloody universe.
Good grief! I feel like Charlie Brown with palm on forehead.

December 21, 2012, this date is believed to mark the end of a 5,125 year Age Cycle,
as depicted and foreseen by the Mayans in their famous glyph long-count calendar.


The time is also known as the 4th Sun, the Fifth World to
some indigenous cultures in the Americas…the 13th Baktun to the Mayans and Aztecs.

To add to that, this present time on earth and amongst the cosmic universe is a time
where the Earth is supposed to complete the Precession if the Equinox; a ~ 26,000 year
cycle of time . It has to do with the very peculiar and characteristic of the Earths wobble-circuit.

Well, this is what I understand in a nutshell….and it feels crazy knowing this as much as it makes
me feel somewhat ‘special to be alive in this time.
Now back to ho ho ho, That this happens to be also Christmas 2012 is also the message underlining
message for some of us. It’s like the cherry on top…or I dare say the Christmas Angel or Star on top
of the tree…the message of love and joy and compassion (for some not all, lol).
It’s not a coincidence. Overall, here and now is the time to align with the thought and feeling of LOVE
and family, caring and peace…a time of Oneness, of UNITY. Meditating and intending true peace
within each person,
the inner self and Mother Earth.

It makes me happy to know this. If that is consolation for not realizing that impending doom is about to crash upon Earth,so be it…Viva la Pepa! Maybe I’ll catch you on the reincarnation school…=)

Now join hands and everybody (((RESONATE))) in love and light.


13th baktun december 21st oneness unity consciouness reincarnation school precession

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